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American Culture

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Educational Purpose
American Culture is a field of study based on the interdisciplinary research. It is not limited to one area or field of study and looks into the relations along with other various studies. In order to meet the new demands of the 21st century, students who major in American Culture study profoundly on the language and culture of the English-speaking countries including United States, a country that is leading the world on the present day. First of all in order to understand the American Culture, students analyze novels, movies, popular music, advertisements and so on. Also study on the historical, social and political backgrounds that are necessary to analyze the cultural texts. Students who major in American Culture approach various cultural texts from multiple angles, research on the meanings in multilayers and will able to understand more about the diversity and transitions of American Culture. Furthermore, students will become global citizens who will lead the future society based on these in-depth and overall understandings.
Specialization of Education
In year 1999, Department of English Language and Literature was established for the first time in nation and has been seeking cultural studies of English-speaking countries. In year 2006, reorganized as Department of American Culture and developed as more professional educational program, which has been possessing global competence in various areas. At the time of establishing the department, has been conducting all the lectures in English. Also the department opened up an advanced curriculum, so that the students can be educated with globalized educational program in various areas. Especially together with other cultural departments of Sogang University, held Sogang Global Cultural Festival for several years and has been carrying out various cultural experiences with the entire school. Also since year 2006, hosted Special Lecture Series of American Culture and in year 2009 hosted Roundtable of Foreign Discussions and has been offering variety of learning and active opportunities to the students. On the other hand, at American Cultural Center, which was established in year 2011, has been holding various activities such as special lecture, field study, cultural research association, colloquium, ACC Supper Club, workshop, cultural exchange events and more to connect the classroom lectures with the world outside the university. Additionally, in year 2013, participated in Global U.S. Studies Consortium that was newly established to promote international exchange activities through student and professor exchange programs and establish new curriculums and so on.
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Areas of Specialization


Boo, Kyung-sook American Literature and Culture
Hantke, Steffen Horst American Film
Noh, Jae-ho American Popular Culture
Park, Sang-gi Literature Theory, Literature Research