Korean Language and Literature

Korean Language and Literature

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Educational Purpose
Along with the succession of our ethic studies, Department of Korean Language and Literature at Sogang University, claims to support the educational purpose to raise the status of Korean Language and Literature from the global society. On the basis of this, Department of Korean Language and Literature has been making efforts to nurture professionals who meet the practical needs of the society. Also based on interculturalism, nurture professional intellectuals of ethical culture who can contribute towards the development of globalization. We expect the students to have excellent communication and writing skills that society asks for and be positioned as professional intellectuals who can contribute towards the globalization, educators who can teach Korean literature targeting the global citizens world-wide and creators of literary works that are appropriate for the flow of new cultural industry.
Specialization of Education
Active international exchanges : Strength to look at all the languages in the world with equality
At Department of Korean Language and Literature, we are sending exchange students to universities in various countries including Seton Hall University, University of San Francisco, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, HEC Montreal, University of South Australia and more. Since it is important to take a look at the language and culture around the world with equal perspectives, international exchange is actively conducted in graduate program of Korean Language and Literature as well.
Strengthen specialization through diversity
Korean Language and Literature started from general theory of language and literature and developing various courses that are in connection to the related studies such as humanities and social sciences. Also developing courses that can expand to cultural industry fields. Students can select various curriculums from multi major curriculums to intensive major curriculums. Upon their needs and requests, students can be educated with the fundamental understandings about the language and culture, which are the basics of humanities. Also receive education to be qualified as the educators and researchers with professional knowledge in Korean language and Korean culture.
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Areas of Specialization


Kim, Hanbyeol

Kim, Gyeong-su Modern Korean Novel
Hwang, Hwa-sang Korean Morphology
Lee, Sang-ran Korean Theater
Lee, Jeong-hun Korean Grammar
Lee, Jiyoung Korean Linguistics(History of Korean Grammar)
Wu, Chan-je Literary Criticism, Rhetoric
Lee, Jeongwon Old Korean Novel
Park, Seulki Modern Korean Poetry
Hwang, Yunjeong Oral literature