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Educational Purpose
Comprehensive Thinking
History is a comprehensive field of study which deals with wide scope of subject and period. The students who fully completed major courses of history, can naturally gain good knowledge in various subjects. Furthermore, the study of history contributes towards raising the understandings of human and society. History mainly focuses to seek the past of the human society, however, along with this process, students can take a look at the point of view of the past and understand the present day. Also develop behavior to understand the past in the point of view of the present day. Through this, raise the understandings about the background and progress, complexity and interaction of major issues around the modern world.
Analysis Ability
The ability to analyze the evidences (references) is essential to the students who major in history. Along with this, the ability to critically read, create issues and evaluate are also required. Furthermore, students should have the intelligence to express their thoughts logically and objectively.
Balanced View
Students who major in history should be able to critically think with balanced view to overcome with the biases and stereotypes. Along with this, students will continuously improve to think flexibly, develop their view to see the long period, gain extensive global view and other necessary skills.
Specialization of Education
Department of History has been a part of Sogang University’s history since its establishment for 50 years. Department of History has raised its position in historical fields through the hard work of respectful professors and alumni. The education of history at Sogang University has three major advantages.
Balanced teaching and learning in areas of Korean History, East Asian History and Western History
The curriculums of three areas are divided evenly so the students are recommended to take courses of all three areas evenly. This educational policy will greatly help the students to gain historical view and knowledge.
Globalized Curriculum
Department of History invites foreign professors for the areas of Western History and Korean History to continuously provide the courses in English. Through this, the students can foster knowledge and gain globalized view in their areas of specialization. Especially for Korean History, by providing courses run by the foreign professors who are teaching at Sogang and inviting professors who obtained their degree in the United States, Department of History plans to begin the globalized research in Korean Studies and Korean History.
Intimate cooperation with other area of studies
Sogang University is making effort to emphasize the characteristics of history, which is a comprehensive field of study. The university gives approval to the students who take various curriculums of history and actively participate to help professors from other affiliations including American Culture, French Culture, Chinese Culture, Japanese Culture and Global Korean Studies.
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Areas of Specialization


Cho, Bum-hwan Early Korean History
Kye, Seung-beom Joseon Dynasty History
Jeon, In-gap Modern and Contemporary History of China
Lim, Jie-Hyun Transnational History
Park, Dahn Contemporary European History
Cho, Eunsung Modern Korean History
Jeong, Ilyeong Modern and Contemporary History of Korea