European Languages and Cultures

European Languages and Cultures

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Educational Purpose
Focusing on German and French culture, the purpose is to nurture professionals of Europe who can practically understand the life and cultural style of Europeans and maintain detailed knowledge in European language, literature and culture. Also based on the understanding of mutual communication of European society, foster futuristic talents who can contribute towards desirable development of our society, which is advanced into multicultural society, and spread our culture to Europe.
In order to realize these goals, detailed educational directions are as follows.
1. Strengthen ability focusing on practical and communication usage of multi-language
2. Enhancement of knowledge based on cultural understanding and literary imagination of humanities
3. Cultivation of future-oriented job competency in realization of happy life for all
Specialization of Education
In year 2016, two existing majors French Culture and German Culture are combined and established a major called European Languages and Cultures. This is to bring up for the necessity to insight into and prospect Europe in more flexible and integrated views besides the interest and research towards certain European countries after combination of study of Europe. The two majors, German Culture and French Culture, produced talents who can maintain skills to understand and analyze the two leading European Union (EU) Germany and France in humanistic ways. Department of European Language and Culture aims to nurture European professionals with extensive knowledge and practical competency related to European culture by taking one step forward beyond the specific nation.
With these plans to realize the ambitious goals, Department of European Language and Culture was selected for the University for Creative Korea-II (CK-II) Project, which is organized by Ministry of Education, and received 5 years of government subsidies since August 2014. Through this project, Department of European Language and Culture arranged substantial educational program and will be supportive for students to evenly maintain deep understandings, differential multilingual ability and literary imagination about European culture.
Department of European Language and Culture seeks future-oriented talents who can contribute to make our lives to be productive and maintain virtue for all to be happy together. Exchange and communication between the cultures is becoming the topic of the global generation. To the public, cultural, economic of international society is standing on as the lead outwardly and in earnest, Korea is facing multicultural society so understanding and communication between other culture is desperately needed. With this situation, culture of European countries, especially, studying about the conflict and reconciliation of history and reflecting this with our society today is meaningful.
European professionals are needed in domestic and overseas corporations, governmental institutions, international organizations and etc. Also the number of positions and start-up related to culture is increasing. Considering reality, where communication between the cultures is influenced greatly towards our lives, the demand for European culture professionals are expected to be increased. In Department of European Culture, it is expected that lots of alumni can take an active role based on their solid knowledge and practical competency by making a foray into various areas.


Areas of Specialization


Castagnes, Gilles Yves 19th Century French Literature
Jeon, Jong-ho 18th Century French Literature
Jung, Yoo-sung Social Philosophy of Education, Lifelong Education, Youth Center, Alternative Education
Jungk, Erik-Joachim Practical German, Phraseology
Kim, Hyeong Min German Literature
Kim, Yeon-sin German Literature, Media Aesthetics, Culture Theory
Kwon, Hyun-jung Contemporary French Theater
Malin, Franck French Language, Semiotics
Park, Jung-sup French Language, Syntactic
Cho, Hyowon

Cultural Studies
Kim, Ji-hyun Contemporary French Literature