Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture

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Educational Purpose
Global Mindset
The purpose of Department of Japanese Culture is to nurture talents who are greatly influential in the international society and the ones who can lead to raise the cultural understandings of Japan, a country that is in close relationship historically and the present day with our country. Within the flow of globalization, currently the relationship between Korea and Japan are becoming closer so the aim is to nurture outstanding talents who can carry out the duties related to Japan that are needed by the society.
Various Experiences
Department of Japanese Culture let the students to have highest ability to use Japanese language and build up good knowledge about Japanese society and culture. Also through on-site experiences, let the students to have knowledge on issues of politics, economics, society and more, which Japan is facing today. Furthermore, possess balanced view and global mindset who understand Japan within Asia and the world.
Specialization of Education
Department of Japanese Culture aims objective study on Japanese Culture. The complex relationship of the past and future between Korea, Japan and China cannot be properly comprehended without consideration of Asian perspectives. Primarily, the existing study on Japan has been made up individually and independently in each specializations and studies. Department of Japanese Culture seek comprehensive study on Japan based on interdisciplinary approach.


Areas of Specialization


Kim, Kyung-soo Modern Literature
Kim, Sang-soo Law
Yoon, Byung-nam Japanese History