French Culture

French Culture

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Educational Purpose
French people have put effort to actualize ‘diversity in unity’ of French society for a long period of time and we can say that they have accomplished the goal. In this major, once you study and understand the persuasive French culture, you will be able to gain valuable attributes and ability. This will help you to find a place in all fields of Korean society and furthermore places in the world. Also by learning creative methods that are widely used in French culture, you will be able to contribute towards the affiliated society in a meaningful way. Recently, Korea, France and French-speaking countries have been actively cooperating. Especially, as FTA with EU has taken effect and Korea is exchanging resources amongst African countries, the exchange with these countries will become more active. Through curriculums of French Culture, students will study French language, French linguistics and literature also carry out the research and study on the various cultures and cultural dimensions of France and other French-speaking countries. Moreover, students who major in French Culture will be able to understand French cultural and philosophical traditions, which plays an important role to develop modern western society. Also students will be able to achieve attributes and ability to solve the agendas in Korea’s multicultural society by researching French social integration model, which is an answer to how ‘diversity in unity’ can be achieved. Students who major in French Culture with intellectual and cultural capacity will become competent talents who can give creative and meaningful contribution in various fields related to France and furthermore to the global world.
Specialization of Education
Sogang University is the first institution in Korea to offer French Culture major as part of the undergraduate program in humanities field. Traditionally, the curriculum was focused on French language and literature and this major expanded to include the areas of French Culture to educate global leaders in the 21st century who can support globalization and specialization. French Culture major is striving to provide more globalized education compared to other universities in Korea. From six faculties in French Culture major, two of the professors are from France and they help students to enhance their French language ability by providing lectures in French and meetings outside the classroom. Especially Speaking Atelier, which is separately operated from lectures help the students to improve their French language abilities.
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Areas of Specialization


Castagnes, Gilles Yves 19th Century French Literature
Jeon, Jong-ho 18th Century French Literature
Kwon, Hyun-jung Contemporary French Theater
Malin, Franck French Language, Semiotics
Park, Jung-sup French Language, Syntactic