German Culture

German Culture

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Educational Purpose
What would be the required attitude for students of German Culture to fulfill the needs of society and correspond to globalization era? It is the attitude of life to recognize and practice the humanistic values. Money has the best value on the present day and if you think about immediate benefits, humanities can be seen as inefficient field of study. Materiality is an important issue to resolve immediate necessities of our lives but mentality is more important issue for us to decide on how to proceed with our lives.
The study of humanities builds wisdom and strength to move forward without giving up when getting into problems in our lives. Recently you can see many books about humanities that are converged with other fields of studies. Ultimately the study of humanities is the solution to suggest ways to communicate and live happily in the society we live in with other people. The talents of German Culture are the ones who realize the importance of these humanistic values and practice them in action.
Specialization of Education
Department of German Culture develops and runs programs to experience German Culture to acquire the language and knowledge about Germany. Currently Sogang University is in partnership with 13 universities in Germany and suggests the students to experience the exchange program in Germany at least one semester during their school years. Students of German Culture have been gaining opportunity to learn the language and experience the daily lives of Europe through short-term summer language programs in universities of German-speaking countries including Berlin, Munich and Vienna.
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Areas of Specialization


Jang, Soon-ran

German Literature, Feminist Literature, German Culture
Jungk, Erik-Joachim Practical German, Phraseology
Kim, Yeon-sin German Literature, Media Aesthetics, Culture Theory
Kim Hyeong Min German Literature