Religious Studies

Religious Studies

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Educational Purpose
Profound Understanding and Sensitivity
The talents of Religious Studies are the ones who can carry out the personality traditions of religious research. Religion is a strength of culture that is still influential to the destiny of humankind in the 21st century. Modern world asks for profound understanding of pluralistic religion culture and empathic understanding of others. Also learn about the wisdoms of traditional religion and in the context of 21st century, reflect upon the religious life of human and ask to seek the future of mankind.
Empathic Understanding
Religious Studies has set religion of the world, which is the foundation of cultural anthropology and repository of moral culture, as the target of research. This is because Religious Studies is the field of study to understand the ultimate interest and activities of mankind as the religious humans and a field of study which is absolutely needed for the history of mankind in creative evolution of the 21st century. Religious Studies at Sogang University has continued the tradition of religious research on personality and maintain its academic characteristics of Religious Studies within the context of East Asian and Korean culture. Also look forward to the talents who will contribute towards the globalized community and Korean religious culture.
Specialization of Education
Religious Studies professors at Sogang University put emphasis on the importance of profound understandings on traditions of different religions. Especially the Religious Studies at Sogang University makes it possible to deeply study about the religions including Indian Religions (Hinduism and Buddhism) and Chinese Religions (Confucianism, Daoism), Korean Religions (Atheism, Ethnic Religion), Shamanism, Muslim, Christianity and so on. Along with this, the students can clearly understand the religious phenomena and in order to have in-depth discussion on religion, it is important to have good knowledge on religious theory. For students to gain knowledge in religious theory, we offer courses including anthropology of religion, psychology of religion, phenomenology of religion and philosophy of religion.
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Areas of Specialization


Jung, So-yi Confucianism, Chinese Religion
Kim, Jae-young Confucianism, Chinese Religion
Park, Byeong-gwan Spirituality and Mysticism of Christianity, Comparison of Mysticism