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Life Sciences

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Educational Purpose
The educational purpose of Sogang University Life Sciences major is to nurture students as the professionals in Life Sciences areas with education of whole person who can carry out the mission and duty of scientistsbased on the consciousness of respect towards life and nature. Also set educational purpose to nurture talents with extensive knowledge in Life Sciences areas, demonstrate practical ability on the spot, creatively think and logically express the ideas. Through this, students can acquire balanced basic and professional knowledge and have scientific analytical and application skills with faithful experimental practice education.
Specialization of Education
In early 1960’s and 1970’s, most of universities in nation have been carrying out unfaithful education with poor conditions. At that time, Life Sciences major offered same level of educational contents with well-known universities in foreign countries. In year 1991 and 1992, for about 30 years, 4 professors who have immersed in teaching and research and in year 2003, 1 professor has retired so from total of 5 retired professors, currently 1 honorary professor is remaining at the department. From March 1992, more recruitments on professors were carried out so existing studies on virology, embryology, cellular biology, plant molecular biology, microorganism and additional majors were added including animal physiology and plant genetics. So in aspects of scale, the department was settled as Life Sciences educational and research institution with sufficient competitiveness.
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Areas of Specialization


Ju, Bong-Gun Cell Differentiation
Jung, Kwnag-Hwan Protein Biochemistry
Kim, Jung-Ho Molecular Cell Biology
Kim, Jong-Chan Molecular and Cellular Oncology
Kim, Kun-Soo Virus-Host Intermolecular Interaction
Kim, Seong-Ryong Plant Molecular Biology
Lee, Byeong-Ha Plant Gene Regulation
Lee, Gap-Ryol Molecular Immunology
Lee, Hosuk-Sean Molecular Neurobiology
Lee, Jeong-Kug Molecular Microbiology Material
Lee, Jung-Ha Animal Psydiology
Lee, Kyu-Ho Molecular Microbiology, Biofilm
Shin, Hyung-Doo Genomic Diversity
Suh, Mi-Chung Plant Molecular Biology / Plant Biochemistry