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Educational Purpose
Sogang University Department of Chemistry was established in March 1964. In March 1969 and March 1973 established graduate school with masters and doctoral degree program. In March 1984, the department was selected for their specialization in chemistry and received support from the ministry of education for the first time in nation. Through faithfully planned lectures and experiment focused education, nurture well-trained outstanding experts in Chemistry and contribute towards development of our society is the most important educational purpose of the Department of Chemistry. Currently at Department of Chemistry, about 270 undergraduate students and about 100 graduate students are enrolled, about 2,000 B.A. degree graduates and about 500 masters and doctoral degree graduates are greatly contributing towards development of our country as experts in Chemistry areas. Department of Chemistry faculties are well-organized and this makes it possible to offer balanced education and research in specific areas of Chemistry. Also the faculties are highly evaluated for their faithfully high standard lectures, severe and fair student guidance and outstanding research capabilities. Also from each major areas, through active research activities, accomplish excellent research performances and receive sufficient support from research supporting institutions such as National Research Foundation of Korea to contribute towards advanced research and education.
Specialization of Education
Department of Chemistry holds undergraduate laboratories of areas including general chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and so on. And secure sufficient facilities and experimental equipment that worth 5 billion won foradvanced research in all areas including nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, mass spectrometer, gas chromatographic equipment, spectrum analyzer, thermoanalyzer, transmission electron microscope and so on. Also large amount of research funds secured by faculties, who carry out active research activities, are being greatly helped towards experiment education and research of graduate school. Currently at Sogang University Department of Chemistry, about 270 undergraduate students and about 100 graduate students are making effort to be the experts in Chemistry. Students can receive scholarships from inside or outside of school and through experiment focused education, fully obtain professional knowledge that are necessary to become experts in Chemistry and cultivate spirit of cooperation to work together with their colleagues. Especially undergraduate students can gain detailed information on educating research professionals of graduate school through small group experiment education with guidance from masters and doctoral degree students. From the graduate school students’ education to nurture research professionals of graduate school in Chemistry area, all students can participate in professors’ advanced research and cultivate sufficient research capabilities of their own. Graduate school students take charge of undergraduate’s experiments and learn the method to guide students. Besides the scholarship from inside and outside of school, receive financial support from professors’ research funds.
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Areas of Specialization


Cho, Kyu-bong Biochemistry
Hur, Nam-hwi Organic Chemistry
Kwon Yongseok Physical Chemistry
Lee, Deok-hyung Organic Chemistry
Lee, Won-gu Organic Chemistry
Lee, Hyun-soo Biochemistry
Moon, Bong-jin Organic Chemistry
Oh, Han-bin Physical Chemistry
Ok, Kang Min Inorganic Chemistry
Park, Junwoo

Physical Chemistry, Nano-Interface
Seo, Won-suk Inorganic Chemistry
Sung, Bong-jun Physical Chemistry
Shin, Kwan-woo Analytical Chemistry
Shin, Un-seop Analytical Chemistry