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Educational Purpose
Mathematics is a field of study that studies numbers, space and algebraic functions. Strict logical system of mathematics and method to recognize and understand the object is extensively applied as the language of all natural sciences and engineering also in humanities and social sciences. Recently knowledge based society has come to the present day and so new areas including IT, BT, NT and advanced technology together with integrated technology are taking the lead of national competence and economic development, so the importance of science including mathematics is greatly increasing. All these advanced technology requires high level of mathematical approach and thinking so participation of the Mathematics major students to develop these technology will increase more.
Specialization of Education
Experiment and Research Environment
In order to do computer related experiments of Mathematics major courses, Department of Mathematics operates 2 numerical analysis and application mathematics laboratories, 1 undergraduate teaching assistant laboratory for 7 people, 1 undergraduate teaching assistant laboratory for 4 people and 1 undergraduate teaching assistant laboratory for 2 people.
Calculation laboratory
Two computer laboratories can each hold up to 20 students for lectures and various advanced system for lectures are available including online lectures in combination with multimedia system, individual experiment process monitoring and so on. On the other hand, undergraduate teaching assistant laboratory is for 13 undergraduate teaching assistants for assisting students’ computer practical training. Besides, through regular meetings every week, develop financial program and numerical analysis algorithm, maintenance of various equipment and manage applied programs that were purchased. The department recruit students every semester, when there are vacant positions due to graduation or leave of absence. The undergraduate teaching assistants are receiving certain amount of scholarship every month and will be provided with individual space to work on their research.
Mathematics major homepage
Mathematics major homepage ( includes all the information necessary for Mathematics major students and they can find other useful links related to Mathematics. For example, students can find syllabus of mathematics courses, seminar schedules, information necessary to select courses for registration and so on.
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Areas of Specialization


Cho, Sang-hyun Theory of Several Complex Variables
Cho, Jang-hyun Algebraic Topology

Ho, Pak Tung

Differential Geometry, Combinatorial Analysis
Jung, Soon-young Partial Differential Equation, Applied Mathematics
Kim, Jon-Lark Coding Theory, Algebra
Kim, Jong-soo Differential Geometry
Kim, Hyun-seok Partial Differential Equation
Kim, Joon-tae

Symplectic and Contact Topology
Lee, Young-ran Partial Differential Equation, Applied Mathematics
Lee, Jae-sung Theory of Several Complex Variables, Financial Mathematics
Lee, Jong-beom Algebraic Topology
Lim, Kyung-soo Harmonic Analysis
Oh, Young-tak Representation Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics
Shin, Chang-eon Differential Equation, Applied Mathematics
Ok, Jihoon

Partial Differential Equations