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Educational Purpose
Physics is most fundamental field of study within all areas of sciences and engineering. Physics has developed by following the rules of nature through explaining theories of experimental results by using numerical values and computers and verifying predictions of theories with experiments. Sogang University Department of Physics was established along with establishment of the university.In a short period of time, intensively developed and currently stands in the center of domestic and foreign academic field of physics. And the department is proud of their strong relationship between faculties and students, high rate of scholarship, extensive research opportunities and so on. Also offers various courses from basics of nature to courses that can easily find application including quantum physics, condensed matter physics, particle physics, electronic physics, computational physics, modern optics and so on.
Specialization of Education
Optical Science Laboratory
- Nonlinear Optical Lab : Study on nonlinear optical science characteristics of variety of materials by using various lasers.
- Photonics Research Lab : Extensive study on photonics areas such as optical communication devices and systems and etc.
- Quantum Chaos and Application Research Group : Study on development of random lasers usually as the micro-sized two dimension laser and ultra-small laser.
- Ductile Material Spectroscopy Lab : Study on phenomena and characteristics that show ductile materials and biomolecules such as molecular layer, porous material and etc.
- X-ray Optical Lab : Study on the structure and dynamic characteristics of various material systems.
Condensed Matter Laboratory
- Oxide Thin Film Lab : By producing oxide thin film of geterostructure, analyze structure and electrical characteristics of oxide thin film and surface. Also study in accordance with electrical transport, principles of reverse areas and etc.
- Extreme Quantum Lab : By studying quantum physics matters, investigate complex magnetism phenomena and develop elements to be applied.
- Microwave Photonics and Superconductor Lab : Study on spectral characteristics of bio matters including organic thin film, OLED, Organic transistor(OTFT) and DNA.
- Optoelectronic Semiconductor Lab : Study of physical characteristics of semiconductor, oxide, biomaterial and nanomaterial with spectroscopic method by using lights.
- Strongly Correlated Electron System Theory Lab : Study to understand the quantum critical phenomena of high-temperature superconductor, quantum hall effect, heavy electron system, mostly by using method of quantum field theory.
Quantum Field Theory and Theoretical Physics Laboratory
- Quantum Field Theory and String Theory Lab : Study on various characteristics of strong theory furthermore study on those low energy or characteristics in relation to various quantum theory model.
- Theoretical Physics Lab : General study on particle physics.
- Mathematical Physics Lab : Study to understand areas such as particles and quantum physics theory including quantization of restraint coefficient, theory of gravity including thermodynamics of black hole, quantum information theory including quantum transmission and quantum cryptography, nonlinear kinetics including chaotic phenomena and etc.
- Super-string Theory Lab : Study on mathematical theory by observing ultimate fundamentals of elementary composition that exist in nature such as lines, strings and etc.
- Astroparticle Physics Lab : Study on physical phenomena beyond dark energy and standard model.
- Quantum Information Theory Lab : Proceed study on attempt of information theoretical interpretation towards quantum mechanical physics based on the detailed understanding of quantum optics.
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Areas of Specialization


Baek, Hyeon-jun Condensed Matter Experiment
Cheong, Hyeon-sik Condensed Matter Experiment
Jang, Joon Ik

Jung, Myung-wha Condensed Matter Experiment
Kim, Do-seok Optics, Condensed Matter Experiment
Kim, Won-tae Quantum Gravity, Quantum Information
Kim, Hyun-jung X-ray Optics
Lee, Kie-jin Condensed Matter Experiment
Lee, Beom-hoon Quantum Field Theory, String Theory
Lee, Hyun-cheol Condensed Matter Theory
Park, Jeong-Hyuck Superstring Theory, Quantum Theory
Stefano, Scopel Particle Physics Theory
Son, Wonmin

Quantum Optics, Quantum Information Theory
Yoo, Hyobin Condensed Matter Physics
Yang, Sangmo Physics