Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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Educational Purpose
Mechanical Engineering is a field of study that takes a look at principles and technology to make something and basic principles of engineering that is substantialized is ‘mechanics’. In other words, Mechanical Engineering acts as essential tool to let new scientific principles, which appear along with the development of age, to be used as useful purposes for human beings. For this reason, Mechanical Engineering is a field of study that has great demand since the industry revolution and always has been taking an important position within engineering fields regardless of rise and fall of specific industry. The target of Mechanical Engineering is detailed and goal-oriented so its theory and application method is solid which does not follow trends. This proves that fundamental studies of all areas which lead the high-tech industry on the present day is Mechanical Engineering.
Specialization of Education
Traditional Mechanical Engineering is roughly divided into 4 basic major areas 1. Design and Material Mechanics 2. Thermal・Fluid and Energy 3. Control・Vibration・Robotics 4. Production Engineering. On the other hand, following the research topics and directions of the present day, it is also divided into 7 integrated and applied research areas (bio engineering research/fluid and complex research/energy engineering research/mechatronic system research/micro, nano system research/advanced processing technology research/automobile engineering research).
Design and Material Mechanics
This major consists of 4 laboratories to design machine components or structures, analyzeand predict its durability, safety, credibility and verify through experiments and calculations.
ThermalㆍFluid and Energy
This major is a field of study based on energy conversion, flow of fluids and heat transfer phenomena, which consists of 6 laboratories that take a look at design and analysis of fluid machines including various energy system, heat engine and so on.
This major consists of 4 laboratories, which mainly analyzes robots, computer numerical control machine tools and so on. Also study on design and active control to understand and minimize the vibration phenomena of mechanics including controller for high speed, high precision motion and automobiles, aircrafts and robots.
Production Engineering
As the technology and background study to manufacture mechanics and products, manufacture and design traditional and advanced materials, including specialized mechanics such as newest micro-mechanics, high precision mechanics and laser mechanics. Recently this major carried out a study related to self-assembly of nano process and nano structure.
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Areas of Specialization


Choi, Bum-kyoo Manufacturing Technology
Chung, Bong-geun Bio Engineering, Micro/Nano System
Hur, Nam-keon Computational Fluid Dynamics
Jeon, Do-young Automatic Control
Jeong, Si-young Thermal Engineering
Jeong, Hyun-yong Mechanical Engineering Design
Lee, Seung-yop Mechanical Vibration
Lee, Cheol-soo CAD/CAM
Lee, Hyung-yil Computation Design
Lee, Tae-soo Optimal Design
Kang, Sung-won Fluid Mechanics
Kim, Dae-joong Energy and Water Processing Mechanical Engineering
Kim, Dong-choul Computer Science Nano Engineering
Kim, Nak-soo Production Engineering
Kim, Won-jung Fluid Mechanics
Park, Jung-yul Biosystem and Control
Shin, Choong-soo Vital Dynamics
Son, Gi-hun Heat Transfer
Jeong, Seokhwan Robotics
Kim, Sangyup Mechanical Engineering
Kim, Nam-keun Biomechanics