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Electronic Engineering

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Educational Purpose
In rapidly changing information age, the educational purpose of Electronic Engineering major is to create new ideas and accomplish technology innovation based on knowledge of basic science and engineering. In order to do this, students should accept various changes and be able to think creatively, at the same time have adaptability. This indicates flexible thinking and performance ability to actualize into practical products by using acquired knowledge through education in short period of time. On the other hand, to solve practical problems, judgments to come up with best way is very important. In order to do this, along with professional knowledge related to computer engineering, it is necessary to have the insight to plan solution for given problems in economic and political perspectives.
Specialization of Education
RF and Communications
RF area studies and manufactures devices, components that makes the signals to be transmitted wirelessly and analyzes by using computers. RF area concentrates its research on microwave, millimetric wave, electromagnetic field and RF design. Communications area carry out research on communication system design and multiple antenna signal processing technology for communication to transmit various information including voice, image, data through wire and wireless channel, 5th generation wireless mobile communication network technology after LTE-A and ICT technology to be integrated with different fields such as energy network, Smart Grid and so on.
Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits
Semiconductoris a material that controls the flow of electricity because of its characteristics in between conductor to let electricity to go through and nonconductor that does not let electricity to go through. By using semiconductor, study the process to design and produce memory, display, computer CPU, AP and various signal converters that are used in various IT equipments immersed in everyday life such as PC, digital camera, Smart Phone and so on.
Information and Systems
Technologies such as computer communicating with people in words (voice recognition and synthesization), identifying objects (computer vision), even manufacturing brain to think (artificial intelligence) and so on are affiliated to information and systems area of electronic engineering, which play a role to properly manage the signals that contain information to convert into useful information. Especially, these technologies are being spotlighted and used to develop various electronic medical machines such as ultrasonic wave and positron imaging systems and so on.
Computer/Embedded Systems and Internet
Embedded system is a small semiconductor that makes Smart Phones to be facilitated. Computer/Embedded systems and internet is a core area that encompasses advanced electronic computer area of the future which humanity needs including military space aviation area and cloud computing. The products include not just Smart Phones but also advanced home appliances, radar, missile and so on.
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Areas of Specialization


Ahn, Gil Cho Mixed Signal Circuit Design
Burm, Jin-wook High Speed Circuit, Sensor Circuit
Choi, Yong Medical Electronics Engineering, Medical Image System
Jang, Ju-wook Mobile Network, Smartphone Application
Jeong, Jin-ho Microwave Integrated Circuit, RF Exchange Subsystem
Jeong, Ok-hyun RF Communication (Cellular Phone)
Kim, Hong-seok IT Convergence, Network Resource Management and Optimization
Kim, Gwang-soo Semiconductor Device and Process, Power Semiconductor
Kim, Gyeong-hwan Image Processing, Embedded Computer Vision
Kim, Young-lok Digital Signal Processing Algorithm
Kim, Sang-wan Semiconductor Devices and Processes
Kim, Young-wook Applied Electromagnetics
Nam, Chang-joo Robot Intelligence
Lee, Haeng-seon Antenna, EMI/EMC, Electric Wave Engineering
Lee, Seung-hoon Analog Integrated Circuit Design
Park, Hyung-min Multimodal Information Processing, Voice/Audio/Image Signal Processing
Sung, Won-jin Digital Communication, Wireless Mobile Communication
So, Jae-woo Mobile Communication, Communication Network
Song, Tai-kyong Digital Signal Processing Application, Biomedical Image System
Yoo, Yang-mo Medical Image Processing, Medical Imaging Systems Design
Yoon, Kwang-seok MEMS/NEMS, Microsystem
Kang, Suk-Ju Electronic and Electrical Engineering / Display
Hong, Sungwan Integrated Circuit Design