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Political Science

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Educational Purpose
Many people imagine the figures of politician and diplomat when they think of Political Science majors. To become politician or diplomat, it is necessary to have wide knowledge of Political Science. However, Political Science is not a field of study simply to become politician or diplomat and doesn’t always target for the reality of politics. Practically, we can easily find the targets for Political Science in our daily lives and interesting new attempts to analyze the daily lives through Political Science can be done. From the relationships of individuals and groups, groups and groups to individuals and individuals, analyze countless phenomena through ‘authority’, which is the basic concepts of analysis in Political Science, which the students can find out what are the necessary changes and plans for human beings to seek better lives. For this reason, it is said that people who studied Political Science have broad viewpoint to look at the society. Also with this broad viewpoint, students can become a leader and progressively lead affiliated group and society or become a member who can contribute towards improvement of reality and social development with unique and fresh point of view. Eventually, almost all phenomena related to authority, which decides allocation of scarce resources observed in daily lives, are the objects of study in Political Science and have infinite possibilities to connect with academic performances in various fields.
Specialization of Education
Students can have opportunity to broaden their understanding about other countries by taking lectures with friends from different nationalities. Through the course ‘Understanding of Chinese Politics’, students can get help from international students from Taiwan and China. And from the English lecture such as ‘Political Order of the World’, students can have opportunity to exchange with students who hold foreign nationality. The faculties include alumni from Sogang University and many have experiences of research in prominent universities from abroad. Also a large number of North Koreans are studying at Sogang University so it is possible to learn together and exchange different ideas.
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Areas of Specialization


Cho, Young-ho Comparative Politics
Jeon, Sung-heung Chinese Politics
Kim, Jong-chul Political Ideas
Kim, Youngwan International Relations
Lee, Geun-wook International Politics
Lee, Hyun-woo American Politics, Political Process
Lew, Seok-jin Political Economy, International Political Economy
Ha, Shang E. Political Science
Song, Byungkwon Political Science