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Educational Purpose
Sociology is a field of study that scientifically research on how our lives deal with and form the society group, the whole society and the world. Sociology is a field of study that is noteworthy and the reason for this is because the main interest of sociology is on the actions of ourselves as social beings. The scope of sociology is exceedingly wide and varied from the analysis on momentary meetings with people passing by on the streets to the origins of Islamic fundamentalism or environmental issues of the world. Most people grasp world through familiar natures of their lives such as family, friends and work. However, sociology raise a question to that kind of familiarity. Sociology teaches us that sometimes the things we think that are natural, essential or accept that is true cannot be right. In fact, the things that we take it for granted can strongly be influential in historical events or social processes. Our individual lives that are influential in the context of social experiences and to understand and explain the delicate and complicated methods are the basis for sociological viewpoint. Learning about sociology is not a daily process to simply pick up fragmentary knowledge. Sociologists are the ones who can get away from familiar situations that are personal and take a look at objects and events in a bigger context. Sociological research is our imagination, in other words it means to develop “sociological imagination”. By studying sociology, students will grow as the main leaders who can actively communicate and participate with spontaneity and sincerity, not by force and heteronomy. We welcome open minded intellectuals who would like to make our society more fine and healthy.
Specialization of Education
Department of Sociology at Sogang University was established in year 1981. Regardless of its comparatively short history, Department of Sociology at Sogang was able to take place as the center of sociology field in nation because of intense study and guidance of its faculties. On the other hand, the master’s and doctoral degree program of Department of Sociology at Sogang University was established in year 1985 after its establishment of undergraduate program in year 1981. Department of Sociology graduate program has wide range of specialization areas at the same time consists of scarce and essential fields. Theory and methodology that are basis of academic research are solid and on the basis of this including hierarchical, labor, population and existing issues of modern society. Also can make outlook of the newly emerging issues including generation, gender, region, culture, education and various areas related to policy. The aim of Department of Sociology graduate program in short, it is excellent harmony of theory, methodology and research experience.
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Areas of Specialization


Lee, Cheol-Sung Sociology
Jeon, Sang-jin Cultural Sociology, Educational and Generation Sociology
Kim, Kyung-man Theoretical Sociology, Postmodern Sociology
Kim, Young-soo Social Statistics and Development Theories, Organization Sociology
Kim, Woo-sun Globalization and International Immigration, Multiculturalism
Lee, Jae-hyuk Theoretical Sociology, Network Sociology
Oh, Sae-il Social Movement Theory, Quantitative Methodology
Kim, Ji-hye Culture, Gender, Family