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Art & Technology

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Educational Purpose
Commonly, it is said that two personalities exist in our minds. The reason for this is because in our brains, left-brain and right-brain act mutual role most of the time and also each brains act certainly different functions. Left-brain has the functions of logicality, rationality and language skills and right-brain has the functions of sensibility, creativity, vision and sociality. People who can make good use of left and right brain simultaneously are the talents we seek as Art & Technology majors with integrative ability. Alan Kay, a well-known computer scientist who is pioneer of object-oriented programing and user interface design area said, ‘the best way to foresee the future is to create the future’. This stresses that great creation beyond imagination is a concrete way to be the leader of the world. Art & Technology major is a new educational system that creatively integrated humanistic imagination, artistic sensibility and leading-edge engineering. Along with the slogan Creation, Beyond Imagination, the main idea of Art & Technology major according to intuitive insight is to proceed integrative projects based on the understandings of creativity technique, expression method and implementation technique. Also carry out projects that are closely linked with the industrial sites and through participation of the experts, provide practical senses and know-hows of the field and operate mentoring system that give motivation are the specializations of this major.
Specialization of Education
The most significant competitiveness of Art & Technology major at Sogang University is their operation of project-centered field study to maximize students’ cooperative and practical work capabilities. Most of the project curriculums are closely linked with the industrial sites and through participation of the experts, students can gain practical senses and know-hows of the field. Also the curriculum of Art & Technology major actively supports intellectual property and copyright registration and commercialization of the student-centered planning and development of ideas, contents, software, hardware, and so on. Especially by operating immersive mentoring educational system, students can gain motivation to develop ability to carry out their study and research. Also they can plan and develop self-directed study method on their own and solve problems in relation to this. Art & Technology major focuses on cultivation of ability on international planning, development, commercialization of production and circulation through English lectures along with exchange programs and dual degree programs in order to carry out the leading role in globalization of Sogang University and enhance student’s individual global competence.


Areas of Specialization


Choi, Yong-soon Media Design
Kim, Sang-yong Social Documentary Film
Kim, Ju-sub Media Technology
Chu, Jean Ho Interactive Media Art