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Media & Entertainment

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Educational Purpose
Media & Entertainment Track focuses on areas of social/psychological effects of diverse media content and platforms, especially ICT(Information and Communication Technology), in today’s hyper intelligent society. Education for planning, producing, and managing performance/film/art content are also provided in this track. With this artistic creativity and knowledge, students are expected to thrive in diverse entertainment business fields such as broadcasting, film, musical, play, game, and theme park, where multiple technologies are integrated.
Career Path - Media content producer or creator (broadcasting including soap opera, reality show, or online media such as game, virtual reality, smartphone application, etc.), academic researcher investigating media effects, users’ psychology, industry and policy, etc., big data analyst, production director, or screenwriter of various entertainment media content including performance and video art, CEO of entertainment business, etc.
Specialization of Education
Subjects - This track’s curriculum is composed of classes dealing with mass media such as TV program production, and high-tech video arts production, but also classes tapping on newer media including smartphone application production, virtual reality video production, digital content, and social big data analyzing. More theoretical content is also covered in classes like media psychology, media effect, and media user study. Classes focusing on actual production and creation processes are also offered, such as performance/video art directing, script writing, and performance/video production.


Areas of Specialization


Cho, Jaehee Organizational Communication
Kim, Jung-hyun Digital Media, Computer-Mediated Communication
Na, Eun-young Persuasive Communication, Media Psychology, Research Methodology
Sah, Young June Media and Information Studies