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Global Korean Studies (Korean Studies in English)

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Educational Purpose
The world is gradually coming together in all aspects. As people are closely connected to each other, they can get along better or hate more. Over the few centuries, Korea has been isolated from the world history, but recently grabbed world’s attention in many aspects including economic development, democratization, Hallyu (Korean wave) and relationship between South and North Korea. When we look back, within many countries that existed in Korean Peninsula historically, there was no such attention from the world like the present day. Also like Korea of the present day, there was no such cases to have so many exchanges with other countries. In this respect, Korea is facing experience with no origins on the present day. Under such reality, we need students who can take a look at Korean of the present day in a historic and world point of view, how Korea shall exist along with the world, live together with other countries peacefully and the talents who can think and practice these issues with discerning eyes and ability. Sogang University had critical mind towards the necessity to nurture talents and international exchange profoundly and established Global Korean Studies major, affiliated to school of integrated knowledge. The educational purpose of Global Korean Studies is to nurture talents who can study and share the issues with the people around the world on such topics including how Korea has come to this stage, how Korea is on the present day and how Korea will go forward. In order to do this, Global Korean Studies offers various curriculums to nurture talents with discerning eyes and those who have the ability to help Korea and the world to deeply understand each other.
Specialization of Education
Study of Korean Studies in English has relatively weak sides in aspects of approaching Korea with profound understanding and materials. On the other hand, study of Korean Studies in Korean has relatively weak sides in academic communication with foreigners. Sogang University Global Korean Studies major will contribute towards the development of Korean Studies in Korea and abroad with its advantages including profound understanding of Korea and communication with foreign countries. Also because of the special characteristics of Global Korean Studies major, it is necessary to interact with foreigners. Currently many international students are studying with short and long term programs at Sogang University and obtain a degree. These students are actual demanders of Global Korean Studies also producers of Global Korean Studies in the future. Through close interaction with the international students, those students who major in Global Korean Studies will play a role as the Korean Studies majors through the curriculum itself. This will be done during the lectures and through various activities. In this respect, Global Korean Studies majors should be regional experts with high standard of ability to understand the regions or areas that they would like to work in. Also, Global Korean Studies major is a field of study with the assumption of international interaction so the lectures will be held in English. Furthermore, by communicating about Korean society and culture with foreigners in a foreign language, students will be able to learn critical minds and methods. Also students will earn various field experiences and through this, they will gain opportunity to have live experiences. Global Korean Studies major will contribute towards globalization of Korea, moreover, act as a leading role in globalization of Sogang University.
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Areas of Specialization


Jo, Eun-Kyoung Korean Language Information
Chang, Dae-oup Korean Development
Kim, Dong-taek Korean Politics