■ Application of Fall Semester, 2024

Download: Admission Application Guideline (PDF)

1. Programs

Sogang GSIS recruits about OO students for Master degree program in the four specialty areas, International Relations, International Trade, International Finance, and Korea & East Asia Studies. Also, Sogang GSIS recruits about O students for Ph.D. program in the four fields of major for Spring semester, 2024.

All courses and academic activities are conducted in English and about 129 international students from 42 countries are studying at Sogang GSIS, as of March, 2024.


All Majors

Doctor of Philosophy in International Studies


International Relations

Master of International Studies in International Relations

International Trade

Master of International Studies in International Trade

International Finance

Master of International Studies in International Finance

Korea & East Asia Studies

Master of International Studies in Korean Studies

Master of International Studies in East Asian Studies

2. Qualification 

An applicant must have graduated or be expected to graduate from an accredited four-year college, university or equivalent before the semester for which the applicant intends to enroll. It means that you should graduate and receive your diploma & degree at least 2 months before entering. For example, for fall semester admission which starts from every September, you should receive diploma & degree until July. In short, an applicant must have a bachelor's degree (master's degree for Ph.D. Program) or evidence of equivalent. Students can apply for Sogang GSIS program regardless of their undergraduate majors.

3. Important Dates  

Application Period: April 23 (Tue) ~ May 3 (Fri), 2024

Announcement of Documents Screening Results: 2pm on May 14 (Tue), 2024 

Interview for Admission: May 18 (Sat), 2024

  - Interview will be conducted in English. The online (Zoom) interview is available only if you are not in Korea.

Announcement of Final Screening Results: June 5 (Wed), 2024


4. Application Process 

1) Online Application

Students should fill in a brief online application form first. 

Online application link is available at Sogang GSIS website only during the application period. 


2) Offline application

After complete the online application, ① students must send all required documents in physically by express postal mail (DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS, etc.). In addition, ② students should submit the scan files (in PDF format) of the whole set of application documents (except recommendation letter) to Sogang GSIS email ( during the application period. The application process will be completed ONLY after students complete the both submission as above.

All documents should be written in English. If the original documents are not in English, then notarized translations must also be submitted. For validation checking of the documents, all the original documents must be brought or submitted once applicants are admitted. 

All documents submitted will not be returned to the applicants.

5. Required Documents




Application Checklist

(Download from our website)


Offline Application Form

(Download from our website)


One Sealed Recommendation Letter

(Download from our website)




Diploma or Certificate of (Expected) Graduation

* Either Apostilled or Consular Authentication is required.


Official Academic Transcripts

* An official English notarized translation is required if the transcripts are not printed in English.


English Test Score Report

* TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or NEW TEPS within validity period - April 30, 2024

* There is no minimum score requirement on English test score

* TOEFL My Best Score, Home Edition & IELTS Online test score reports are also accepted


Color Copy of Passport


Consent Form of Information Release for Degree Verification

(Download from our website)


Degree Verification Report from CHSI (CHESICC) or CDGDC

(Only for applicants who graduated from universities in China)


Research Writing Sample (e.g. Master's degree thesis)

(Only for Ph.D. applicants)

Note) In case of a Korean descendant abroad, additional documents such as 'Birth Certificate', 'Hu Kou Ben', etc. may be requested to clarify the nationality. 


1) Application Checklist

It can be downloaded from our website. The application documents must be submitted in the order of the checklist. Please put the checklist in the front. Each required document should be numbered and written by pencil on the top right corner (ex: 4. Essay). Stapler, clear file, tape, and paste are PROHIBITED when submitting documents. Your must file it with a clip and tongs.


2) Offline Application Form

It can be downloaded from our website. It should be typed. Handwriting is not allowed. Applicants can either attach a high resolution digital photo on the offline application form, photo register and registration form or attach 3 photos (3.5×4.5cm) in physically.


3) One Sealed Recommendation Letter

The recommendation letter form can be downloaded from our website. 

Applicants should use designated Sogang GSIS recommendation form.

① The offline recommendation letter should be sealed. Unsealed letter will not be accepted. Letter could be included in the application package or sent directly to Sogang GSIS office from the recommender.

② The recommender is also able to send the email by attaching completed recommendation letter directly to Sogang GSIS office ( In this case, the recommender should use his/her official affiliated institutional email account (e.g. : for the verification purposes.

③ Former professor from the university or supervisors from the workplace could be recommender.


4) Essay

The essay may be no longer than 2 pages and has no fixed form. It may include self-introduction, the reason why the applicant is interested in Sogang GSIS, and future career plan.


5) Diploma or Certificate of (Expected) Graduation

Certificate of graduation should be original. In terms of diploma, copy of diploma could be submitted. However, the applicant must make the Certificate of Graduation or Diploma apostilled or authenticated by consular.

Applicants who have not yet graduated during the application period can submit the certificate of expected graduation (or provisional degree certificate) including a date of graduation. 

Such applicants should able to submit an official graduation certificate (or diploma) in original which has been apostilled or authenticated by consular, and make sure to arrive at Sogang GSIS office within July of 2024.

Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the acceptance.


6) Official Academic Transcripts

Official academic transcripts must be original and issued by undergraduate school (and graduate school for Ph.D. applicants). Transfer students must submit official transcripts from all previous institutions they attended.

If the CGPA is not indicated in one of the acknowledged GPA scales (4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 5.0 or 100 point scale), submit a transcript converted into one of the GPA scales as a supplementary document.

A transcript converted with a conversion tool such as or is only acceptable when the relevant university officially confirms the document.

※ Application without converted transcript may be put a disadvantage during evaluation.

The transcript not printed in English should be translated in English and need to be notarized. However, it does not have to be apostilled. 


7) English Test Score Report (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or NEW TEPS)

English test score report should be original within the validity period.

It could be included in the application package or sent directly to Sogang GSIS office from the test institutions.

It is exempted for ① native English speakers, ② graduates from universities in the English speaking countries, or ③ graduates from universities that the medium of instruction in all of the degree program was in English (an official supporting letter from home university is required).

8) Color Copy of Passport

It should be printed in color.

9) Consent Form of Information Release for Degree Verification

It is for verifying your previous undergraduate or graduate degree. The applicant should fill in the information correctly and sign on the form. 

10) Degree Verification Report from CDGDC or CHSI

It is only for applicants who graduated from universities in China. If the document is written only in Chinese, applicants should submit the notarized translation. Online report from CHSI (CHESICC) is preferable.  

11) Research Writing Sample

It is only for Ph.D. applicants who have graduated with thesis in previous degree program (e.g. Master's degree). 

6. Required Document for Accepted Students

1) Original Statement of Bank Balance

It should be at least KRW 20,000,000 or equivalent. The accepted applicants can submit the statement of bank balance under KRW 20,000,000. However, it could be a problem when the applicant applies for the visa depending on the embassy.

If the account holder is student’s parent or family, ① please submit the ‘Statement of financial sponsorship[Download] with the account holder’s signature as well. It can be downloaded from our website. ② The applicant must submit additional documents that prove the relationship between the applicant and sponsor such as Certificate of Family Relationship, Birth Certificate, Hu Kou Ben, and so on.

The accepted applicants should be able to submit the original statement of bank balance and make sure to arrive at Sogang GSIS office after their Sogang GSIS tuition fees payment is completed.

※ The issuance date should be after the completion of Sogang GSIS tuition fees payment.

※ Failure to submit this document will result in the cancellation of the acceptance.


7. Application Fee

The applicants need to transfer the fee (KRW 90,000,  USD 90 or equivalent) to the bank account below. The transaction commission fee is responsible for the applicant. Please don't enclose the cash or the check in the application package since it might be lost. 

After transferring the fee to the account, please email us ( If the applicant asks a friend or family to pay the application fee, the applicant should inform GSIS office sender’s name and account number.

It is highly recommended that payment of application fee be completed two days prior to the deadline of the application period.

Application fee is not refundable in any events.  

Name of Bank: Woori Bank

• Branch Name: Sogang University Branch

Account Number: 1005-001-589268

Swift Code of Woori Bank: HVBKKRSEXXX

Account Holder: Sogang University

Bank Address: 17, World Cup buk-ro 60-gil, Mapu-gu, Seoul, 03921, Republic of Korea.


8. Overseas Korean

Overseas Koreans can apply through the same process as international students as follows;

1) Those who have citizenship of foreign countries and both of whose parents have citizenship of foreign countries (non-existence parent is not considerable)

Required Documents: The copies of passports of both parents

2) Those who studied from elementary school up to university in foreign countries

Required Documents: The certificate of enrollment of all institutions

9. Scholarship

There are 4 types of scholarship supported by Sogang GSIS as follows;
- Scholarship A/B/C/D: 100%/75%/50%/25% reduction (waiver) of tuition fee
In the 1st semester, new students who meet the certain academic standards are entitled to receive the scholarship according to their performance in the admission process. The GSIS Admisstion Committee decides the type of scholarship for new students.
From the 2nd semester, the amount of scholarship will be determined according to the GPA of the previous semester to every student who acquires 9 credits or the above and has a GPA of 3.5 (4.0 for Ph.D.) on a scale of 4.3.
For GSIS scholarship, students are required to submit the official English test result such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, or NEW TEPS with the certain required score during their first year at Sogang GSIS. Native speakers or students who graduated from universities in English speaking countries are exempted.
Students can apply for TA or RA from the 2nd semester for the additional scholarship.

※ The scholarship rules may be applied differently for the Ph.D. students. 


10. Information for Accepted Students

Deadline for Paying Tuition: The first week of August, 2024

Matriculation & Orientation day: August 27th (Tue), 2024

First Day of Fall semester, 2024: September 2nd (Mon), 2024

  Link to the Information on tuition and housing 


11. Contacts



Tel: +82-2-705-8756

Fax: +82-2-705-8755

Mailing Address: #509 Kim Daegon Hall, GSIS, Sogang University, #35, Baekbeom-Ro, Mapo-Gu, Seoul 04107, Republic of Korea.