In 2008, SIEAS commenced a 10-year project of the Humanities Korea (HK) Program with the support of the National Research Foundation of Korea under the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. This project, “Southeast Asia as an Open Regional System: A New Paradigm for Communicating with the Globe and Reaching Out to the Public”, aims to explore the historical construction of Southeast Asia as a regional unit, the mosaic formation of Southeast Asian cultures, and the phenomena of regional cooperation and integration across and beyond ASEAN.

To carry out the project effectively and efficiently, the institute annually introduces a scheme of research clusters where domestic and international academics are invited for collaborative research. We have produced the research outcomes from 2009 Clusters, which we are waiting for the publication of books. We have also organized a cluster for 2010, which will investigate the theme, “Historical and Cultural Formation of Southeast Asia: External Influences and Indigenization.”

· Research Clusters

SIEAS clusters are conducted in collaboration with other scholars in Korea and abroad. In each cluster, professors establish a research network with other clusters, managing workshops and organizing conferences.