Director’s Greeting

The Institute for East Asian Studies at Sogang University (SIEAS) extends its warmest welcome to you.

Since its inception in 1981, SIEAS has established itself as a preeminent research institute of East Asian Studies. The Institute has actively sought a role at the center of scholarly research and policy issues related to East Asian studies. SIEAS is not only for experts; its doors are always open to students and the public interested in East Asian and Southeast Asian studies. By advancing ourselves as a research center of excellence in research and education, Sogang University hopes to meet the needs of the community and further enhance scholarly work pertaining to East Asia and Southeast Asia.

The Institute also fulfills its societal task as a source of knowledge and information for the scholarly community as well as members of the public who are interested in the region. The SIEAS Research Committee is composed of fifty-one Sogang University professors who are specialists in China, Japan and Southeast Asia. All members of the Institute are area specialists who possess capacity in not only the local languages of their respective regions, but also extensive and intensive experience in field research and analytical skills and capability. In addition, scholars at SIEAS have stood at the forefront of many research projects over the decades following our foundation. Recent projects funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea include, but are not limited to the, “Humanities Korea Southeast Asia Project”.

SIEAS has a peer-reviewed journal, East Asian Studies: The Journal of the Institute of East Asian Studies, Sogang University, which is currently published twice a year (February and August). This journal is an important forum for scholarly research of East Asian specialists. It is also recognized and indexed by the Research Foundation of Korea as a KCI journal.

It is my hope that this website will be an important forum for the exchange of ideas, information and opinions among not only SIEAS members, but anyone who is interested in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

I would like to welcome all of you and hope that you can easily glean information on East Asia and Southeast Asia through our website. I extend my warm thanks to you again and I hope that your visit today, as well as all future visits, is productive and informative.

KANG Heejung
Director of the Institute for East Asian Studies and Professor of Political Science
Sogang University