Academic Programs

The Theology course provides a curriculum designed for systemic and scientific study about essential part of theology, which is necessary to educate followers and professional monks and to train priests and reeducate priests.

Philosophy department opens philosophy subjects to train professional philosophers and scholars of christian church who will serve for the society and world.

The Social Welfare course is designed to train social welfare professionals who can dedicate themselves on social welfare. This course raises social welfare professionals with abundant knowledge, theories and skills to provide systemic and professional aids to troubled individuals, families, groups, local communities in various circumstances in life

Degree Department Field
Master’s degree in theology Department of Theology Biblical theology,
Systematic theology, Spiritual theology, Ecotheology,
Moral theology
Doctorate in Theology as above as above
Master’s degree in philosophy Department of Philosophy Ethics, Logic
History of Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Korean Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Life, Christian philosophy
Master’s degree in Social Welfare Department of Social Welfare Studies in Social Welfare
Special Studies